One of my favorite pastimes is going to small shops, boutiques and farmers’ markets to find a week’s worth of candles. The perfect candle for today, another candle for tomorrow, then another, and so on.

I love having various candles set up strategically throughout my home. A vanilla scented candle perched on the kitchen counter, a clean cotton candle on the nightstand in my bedroom, and a lavender candle on my coffee table while I binge watch my favorite TV shows.

Nearly every room in my home cluttered with small, medium and large glass containers filled with paraffin wax and black soot. The toxic paraffin candles made me dizzy when lit for an hour. My obsession with candles and filling my home with a myriad of clean, floral and sweet aromas was fading fast.

Why couldn’t I find a reusable candle vessel to hold a smaller soy candle that I could change out based on my mood, day of the week, or occasion?

I couldn’t find one... so I created one. The Candle System from Anvil and Candle was born: A reusable candle vessel crafted from renewable materials that cradles a recyclable steel cup filled with locally grown natural soy wax and infused with high quality fragrance oils.

I was inspired by the little things that make our lives a lot easier, like laundry and dishwasher pods to single-serve coffee pods. Each candle refill fits into a reusable vessel as perfectly as my favorite coffee pods into my single-cup brewer. 

The gathering of eco-friendly materials to create the candle system was the most important first step. The reusable vessels needed to be crafted from renewable materials and I wanted to create a candle refill that encompassed everything important to me: wax completely void of toxins. Carcinogen and hazardous free fragrance oils that didn’t pollute the air or cause an abundance of black soot buildup. Smaller candles with powerful scent throws that are completely recyclable, robust and natural.

Soy wax is quickly becoming a popular material for many candle companies due to its durability and renewable properties. I searched for months before finding a local soy bean farm that sells the best raw, natural soy wax. It gives our candles a smooth and clean burn, entirely toxin and chemical free.

Our mission is to give back to nature through the use of natural and recyclable materials when we create our reusable vessels and candle refills.

We're a small team of passionate candle lovers. A woman-owned small business who took a normal candle ritual and crafted a completely personal and unique candle experience. Choose the reusable candle vessel that speaks to you and pair it with your favorite scented candle. This is The Candle System from Anvil and Candle.